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20 days

Through slices of springtime

I can find your smile

I’m crying with the rain

And this drop is your tear

And the sky is grey

Just black and white

(obviously, my Muse is on vacation

Far away, where the sun is up)

And I’m all alone

With Radio Paradise

The one I was listening to from my paradise

And you were listening to from your paradise

My paradise was incomplete – you were the missing piece

While I was the missing piece from your incomplete paradise.

But we completed each other deep down, in our souls,

But you took mine and went away

And I’m here… counting the crumbs you left behind

And I disappear among the slices of spring

And there’s nothing there

Maybe some grey

And Eric Clapton




Four years ago
you told me you loved me
and it felt like taking a spoonful 
of the sweetness of your heart.

Three years ago
I didn’t know you existed anymore
and all the knives felt
blunt and mundane.

Two years ago
we exchanged teaspoon
amounts of oblivion,
indifference and singularity.

Last year
we got lost on an isle of prongs:
millions of forks
impaling whatever we might have felt
for each other.

Two days ago
we gave up cutlery:
barehanded, we nibbled
from the other one’s lips
and ear lobes
and… it was delicious!



I tasted your upper lip.

And no one ever told me

bitter cherries could recite

love poems

so graciously.


The lower lip

would not stop narrating

cheesy chansonnettes.

So I told it a riddle

and I kiss it minutiously.


As for your tongue…


That is a too complicated story –

Something like

Schrödinger’s cat:

maybe there’s love there,

maybe there isn’t.





“… after years of sitting he decided to walk again

and look for his wings

That is when he started to fly

wingless with heart.” (Bahareh Amidi)


And my White Angel from far away had said to me

‘Home is where your heart is’

She had said.

And I checked behind the sternum

And It wasn’t there!

And I don’t know where

I left it

on a corner of a bedside table

near a bed we made love in


I really don’t know where my heart is

I am confident it knows the way

back home to me

Like a bored tomcat

Following a crescent.

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