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I tasted your upper lip.

And no one ever told me

bitter cherries could recite

love poems

so graciously.


The lower lip

would not stop narrating

cheesy chansonnettes.

So I told it a riddle

and I kiss it minutiously.


As for your tongue…


That is a too complicated story –

Something like

Schrödinger’s cat:

maybe there’s love there,

maybe there isn’t.




When suddenly there’s no Sun

And your eyes disappear like the Cheshire cat

I feel like a mermaid –

And no, not the one everyone knows about.

This mermaid remembers the embrace of men

As clearly as the snow on the Kilimanjaro some bearded man

Wrote about sometime before I knew your eyes.


And why a mermaid would write poems

Is as rhetorical as why the Cheshire cat

Would play chess with Hemingway!



I lit a timid candle

Just to see your eyes.

I knew they shone stronger than my thoughts,

my dreams,

my everyday resurrection.


I smoked a cherry cigarette

just to remember your sweet lips

on my butterfly shoulder,

on my always questioning eyes,

on my ever doubting mouth.


I sipped the last drop of solitude

It tasted bitter and addictive

Like a butterfly that lost its left wing

Just to hope the right one will hold you… soon.



“… after years of sitting he decided to walk again

and look for his wings

That is when he started to fly

wingless with heart.” (Bahareh Amidi)


And my White Angel from far away had said to me

‘Home is where your heart is’

She had said.

And I checked behind the sternum

And It wasn’t there!

And I don’t know where

I left it

on a corner of a bedside table

near a bed we made love in


I really don’t know where my heart is

I am confident it knows the way

back home to me

Like a bored tomcat

Following a crescent.


I miss you.

I miss the mole on your right thigh

I called Perfection

for it spoke to me in that indelible language of ‘I know you’!

I miss you.

I miss the continent of your left knee

which sang to me

the mermaid song of ‘I will never forget you’!

‘I miss you’,

wispers ceaselessly my right ventricle

like a constant whistle

redefining  your silhouette on my sheets…


I miss the smell of fresh rain

Which would blue your eyes and soften your lips.

I miss the words you used to whisper

And would pour into my ears like crazy drops of rain which forgot how to fly.

I miss the silence in between the smiles

Which would light up the days and turn nights into a riddle for the Hatter.

I miss being Alice

When chasing white rabbits was like a brunch with soft roses turning into music.


Silence was spinning around

the flickering flame of the small candle.

And the tea tasted like your kiss

I never felt.

Only by closing my eyes

can I answer unuttered questions

with the violet eyes

of my endless thoughts.

I’ll walk the line

only if you pave it with scores

to sing so loud

the Moon will start dancing.


There’s a twinkling star

Far away

And everyone knows it’ll die someday

And I’ll still see its twinkling long time after that.


That’s pretty much the same with my missing you:

It’s still painful

Though I should really mind my own business

And look after the stars in the sky.


Don’t come too close!

So what if I encouraged you to do it?

Don’t look into my eyes!

There’s nothing there!

And no man needs nothing!

Don’t assume we’ll ever touch

With the simple blink of an eye!

Don’t even imagine

We could ever hold hands!

The sand mine are made of will slip through your fingers.

Don’t think you can know me

The way I won’t ever know myself!

I’m sure to have deleted long time ago

What could have been

The shape of my soul.

Turn back and go your way!

You may call this detour

How I thought I saw

A glimpse of happiness

But it was actually

A perfectly shaped



A wall

eluding words

and darkness.

To rime with silence.


estranged, pale creatures

for lonely nights

and tears uncried.

Blank page

mirroring fears,

what’s the fairest disappointment of them all?

She wonders


shutting down her heart.

And the wall

and the page

and the silence

and the end…

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