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‘That’s all I think about these days. Must be because I have so much time to kill every day. When you don’t have anything to do, your thoughts go really, really far out – so far out you can’t follow them all the way to the end.’ *
I always envied Murakami’s characters. More or less, they were very much like me, it’s only that they ended up expressing their feelings and thoughts much better than me. Yeah, Murakami is a far much better storyteller than my muse.
For example, I always fancied about meeting Watanabe**. Don’t know if I’d fallen for him, I was kind of shallow when it comes to guys, they would have to be primarily handsome, and, on the other hand, I always pictured Watanabe very skinny and not at all my type.
But he would still make an excellent companion for my lonely days. Right, my nights are also lonely, but then I’d read and think of what I’d talk to Watanabe the next day.
On the other hand, he gets to have three women in NORWEGIAN WOOD. So there must be something more to it than just a skinny guy, and even if he was not my type, you can never know… Anyway!
Watanabe would sit on one of the two stools I’d got from Kasia and eat almonds. I know he’d like a beer, but I quit drinking and… Still, I could offer him some whiskey. He’d drink it and tell me that my hair is like a lonely yellow field of wheat, where two turtles and an opossum had lost their way and now they’re just writing down their will, cause there’s no way out of the lonely yellow field of wheat. Yeah, that would be Watanabe!


* H Murakami – The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
** Main character of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.


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2 thoughts on “Watanabe

  1. I like this! 🙂

    • ritasophie on said:

      🙂 I’m really looking forward to translating as much as I can, so you can like the others as well! Thank you for reading my posts!

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