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I was supposed to write about SPUTNIK SWEETHEART once I had finished it, which is like more than a month ago. I’ve read two other books in the meantime, none of Murakami’s, unfortunately. Or fortunately. Maybe this will help me revise SPUTNIK SWEETHEART in a personal manner, without Maestro’s influence. In case I have not mentioned this in my previous postings, I’m an unfortunate chameleon when it comes to my writing – I kind of copy the style of the author I’m reading at the time.

When I first joined READING MURAKAMI CHALLENGE, since I had read more than 10 of his novels, I labelled myself as Sumire. Before that, I hadn’t re-read SPUTNIK SWEETHEART for more than 2 years. I had totally forgotten about Sumire. I remembered the story vaguely, mostly Greece, probably because I had a short but intense  vacation there, back in 1999. But this name resonated in my mind for two nights, before falling asleep. I could hear the voices in my head repeating over and over again, I am Sumire, I am Sumire… I am not Sumire, that’s for sure. Or I am… (as I’m writing these lines, I tilted my head to the right a little, narrowed my eyes as blinded by a naughty ray of sun, and kept wondering in my mind, am I Sumire?)

Let’s recap… I don’t have a feminine idol, and I’m far from having any lesbian propensities. Though, I admit I admire a beautiful woman when I see one. I don’t have such a good friend as K, though I think this is what I miss the most! I can think of one or two guys who would fit the profile, but since they don’t seem to have time to answer my phone calls, I’m pretty sure they’re not interested in the position.

Buuuuuuuuuut… I DO dream to be a real writer sometime. And, like Sumire, I’m far from that dream – just check my last postings… One now, the next in a blue moon…

It’s funny, cause Murakami’s novels are much too complex than an unfortunate love story, or talking cats, or idyllic vacations ‘far from the madding crowd’. And SPUTNIK SWEETHEART is not about the skinny Sumire (gosh, I wish I were skinny!!!) and her disappearance in a Greek island (and yes, I wish I went to Greece one more time!). Or it is….


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